Things to avoid after hair transplant surgery

we provide written instructions things to avoid after hair transplant surgery in Lahore Pakistan. It is a delicate and sensitive procedure. Though it does not leave wounds but still a post surgery care is much helpful in getting good results timely without facing any complications. Here we will bring in your knowledge, things to avoid after  after the hair transplant surgery.

Things to avoid after hair transplant surgery

Avoid Sun Exposure

After the surgery the patient will observe redness and swelling on the scalp. Thus sun exposure should be avoided as it can cause irritation to the swollen skin. At least one month the patient must avoid sun exposure and if it is necessary to go outside scalp must be covered with a hat. Redness and swelling can be reduced by using an ice bag but never put the ice directly on the grafted area.

Avoid Physical Activities

In the first month after the surgery any sports, exercises, and all outdoor activities which involve continuous action should be avoided. Leaning your head forward or downwards is also not good. It is better to keep your head elevated. For a couple of days sleep in such a position that body remains upright and head is completely at comfort. Use more than one pillow to keep your head elevated. In case of irritation or itching on the scalp do not rub it.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Post Surgery care demands No Smoking and No Alcohol intake. Hair restoration surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry strictly advise to stop drinking alcohol and smoking after the surgery. This needs to be done at least for a month. Smoking is not only injurious to the health but also prevents the blood to flow towards the scalp which is necessary for hair growth. The best practice is to quit smoking forever but if this is not possible one month period is must to avoid. Same is the case with alcohol, as it is also responsible for not letting the blood to flow towards the head.

Avoid Spicy And In-Organic Food

A balanced, complete and organic diet is much helpful getting the lost hairs back. After the hair restoration Surgery a patient shall take diet which is rich in Vitamins, Proteins and essential amino acids which are easy to find in organic foods. On the other hand fast, spicy and in-organic foods are strictly prohibited.

Avoid touching the grafted hairs. Hair follicles are very sensitive and delicate and after the surgery surgeon may cover them with bandage. The person who undergoes surgery is likely to feel irritation, pain or itching on the scalp but any touching or rubbing is prohibited.

Avoid self medication

Every medicine a person takes directly or indirectly puts impact on its body. Self medication is always recommended to be avoided. If the grafted area pains patient may take paracetamol. Other than that medicines prescribed by the surgeon shall be taken as advised but extra and self medication is good to be avoided.

Avoid Styling and Chemical Sprays

Whether you underwent for FUE hair transplant or follicular unit transplant (FUT) procedure  chemical sprays, gels and styling is to be avoided. It can cause complications and itching on the scalp. Also it may affect the re-growth. Normally our staff provide you written instructions things to avoid after hair transplant surgery in Lahore Pakistan and you will follow these instructions for better results.

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