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Treated Fue patient experience in Lahore Pakistan

Treated Fue patient in Lahore Pakistan can share his experience and result to other potential patients who are searching for a competent and skilled surgeon for their treatment. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry performed Fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan at his clinic on 14th April 2014 patient Mr. Nasir.  Patient started hair loss a few years back and till the age of 26 lost most of his frontal area as well as crown area. Mr. Nasir tried different treatments and medicines like Hairfin and Tab Genesis but a few weeks later he noticed loss of sexual desire and discontinued.  He was also using Minoxidil 5% topical spray for hair fall control but this gave him allergic reaction and irritation and discontinued.

Treated Fue patient Lahore

Treated Fue patient results in Lahore Pakistan is the best at the end of 6th months and impressive look at the end of 12 months. patient decided to go for Fue hair transplant in Lahore at Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry’s clinic for two days procedure. First day Dr. Ahmad performed on his frontal area and transplanted 2500 grafts. Donor area was shaved or trimmed and divided into three zones. Day 2 area was also marked for extraction. The whole procedure was performed under local anesthesia and it took 5 hours on day 1. Second day’s procedure started at 9.00 AM and the same events were repeated like local anesthesia administration. Extraction took one and half hours and 1900 grafts were obtained. Thus Mr. Nasir got 4400 grafts by Fue method. These are his before , during and after results. These pictures were taken at the end of 7th month. We will keep you updated for more hair growth in coming months. It will take 12 months for the full result. Mr. Nasir is willing to meet every one who wants to see his  Follicular unit extraction result performed by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore Pakistan. This will clear a few doubts and help you to decide for a procedure at Dr. Ahmad Clinic.

  1. You will personally meet and ask him questions and see his result

  2. You can also examine his donor area scars

  3. You can see 2 days fue procedure result and coverage of frontal as well as top area.

  4. Natural and proper angle of hair.

  5. Natural and undetectable frontal hairline

If you are willing to meet treated Fue patient in Lahore Pakistan Mr. Nasir and want to see his follicular unit extraction procedure result then fill this appointment Form and we can arrange your meeting with him. Call us our helpline number +92-333-430-9999 and ask for in-person meeting with Mr. Nasir.

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