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What is hair density and why does it matter? A lot of people are concerned about this question as hairs not only complete physical looks but good hairs also do add confidence in one’s personality. Losing strands or thinning makes people aggressive and depressed, especially those who are highly concerned about their looks. Hair density means the number of strands on the scalp. It also gives an idea of how close one strand is to the other. In other words, it is an important feature that determines the volume and gives an idea about thinning and thickening of strands. Why does hair density matter and makes so much difference? Physical appearance is the first thing that is being noticed in an individual whether you are applying for a job, going for an interview or coming on a broadcast, even if you are sitting in your friends’ circle, more than half of the personality is judged on how a person looks. People facing shedding problems, thinning or balding feel ashamed of this problem. As hair density adds on plus points in the way a person looks, it is very important and is needed to be taken care of.

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Why hair density matters

It matters a lot and it is necessary to keep a check on it so precautionary measures can be taken on time. It can be measured by comparing the thickness with a strand. A regular thread gives an idea of normal thickness; simply place a strand of your hair along with a thread and compare its thickness. If the strand is thinner than the thread, the density is low, if it is thicker than thread; hair density is high and your hairs are in good condition. The density can also be determined by feeling with your hand. Almost everyone is habitual of touching their head. While running fingers through hairs, try to observe the weight. If you barely feel anything, it means your density is low and you need to take care of this issue. Nowadays, phototrichogram is used by professionals to determine quality and quantity , it is a faster process. Scalp test is another method in which the visible portion of the scalp directs about low density hairs. This can be done by standing in front of a mirror and examining the scalp. If all you see is roots, then your density is high.

Hairstyle & volume

Knowing about the hair density enables us to choose the best hairstyling. It helps in choosing the best style that suits one. It also assists in choosing the right products from the market as a variety of products are available and it is hard to choose what the best fit is. For example, high density hairs can tolerate heavy weight products such as leaves in conditioners. Hairs which are low density should not be exposed to products that weigh them down. Similarly, having the knowledge about what is your hair density and how it matters helps in determining ways to select the procedure that is right to combat the problem of thin hairs. There are several ways by which density can be improved and we will have a deep look at them, however one of the most common myths about improving density is that shaving can improve hair density. This is a wrong perception and it needs to be corrected. Shorter hairs usually appear healthier and voluminous as compared to long hairs and to this respect, the hairs after shaving looks denser. Similarly, the new hairs are not prone to chemicals and pollution, hence they are more luminous.

Natural and commercial method for volume 

What is hair density and how it matters in choosing the correct process for increasing volume? It can be improved by natural as well as commercial methods. Among several natural ways, aloe Vera gel Is on top. A healthy and clean scalp is the house for healthy and voluminous hairs. Aloe Vera gel cleans the scalp and its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties help in providing a healthy texture for follicles and improve their thickness. Fenugreek seeds have also proven to improve density by anti-oxidizing the free radicals found in the body. The seeds can be soaked overnight in water and the translucent liquid can be used before washing the hairs. Onion has been known for centuries for its wonderful properties regarding new hair growth. Onion can be crushed and added to honey and applied to hair in the form of a mask to get amazing results. Oil massage with olive and coconut oil not only improves the texture of hairs but also nourishes the scalp with a number of nutrients that can improve hair growth and results in thicker, voluminous hairs.

Diet impact or role 

Hair density can also be improved by adding certain nutrients in our diet. They can be added by adding their natural sources, as well as synthetic dosage forms. Diet rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients can help in increasing the volume of hair. Vitamin D, vitamin B3, B6, zinc and folic acid promote the growth of hairs. They are found in eggs, cheese, chicken, avocados, fish, green peas, cod liver oil, papaya, tomatoes, fruits and poultry. Watermelon, vegetables and fish are rich in antioxidants that are also helpful in getting denser hairs. Protein rich plasma is a medical treatment that can be employed for getting healthy hairs. The process involves extracting platelets from a patient’s blood which is injected into the scalp to promote hair growth. The root cause which results in low density includes stress, malnutrition, genes and medical conditions. Stress can result in hair loss. Medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases and cancer can trigger hair loss and thus, decrease in density. Genes contribute toward the hair density. Taking a diet low in vitamins and minerals can reduce the nutrients to the scalp resulting in hair thinning and weaker strands. Natural remedies can cover most of the above mentioned issues; however, one can consult a dermatologist if he wishes to treat hair problems by medical treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a second hair transplant for density in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes, you can get a second procedure to add more density or improve results of previous hair restoration surgery provided there will be enough donor area. If you did not have an adequate scalp donor area, your beard and body hair can be used for a second procedure.

What is hair transplant density?

It is the number of grafts in one square centimeter and normally it is 30 to 45 for a reasonable result. Higher the recipient area density, better the result. However, surgeons have to keep in mind donor area availability and baldness coverage or density as well.

What is a low density hair transplant result?

When there is less number of grafts implanted in one square centimeter or less grafts growth after the procedure, the result is less density or thinning of hair. There are many reasons for low density hair transplant results

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