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Front hairline transplant in Lahore Pakistan has paramount importance as hairline can give first impression about hair restoration quality and result. If you want to assess skill and experience of a hair restoration surgeon then front hairline transplant will give you pretty good idea. You will examine whether front line is natural , dense and perfect orientation. Nowadays, the hair fall is the main issue seen in all male and female. It is really an embracing feeling to have baldness at very young age or even after the 50s. The whole personality can be effected by the problem of hair loss. You may lose your confidence or may feel awkward and ugly. You may wish to get rid of baldness. Your wish may come true now with the help of hair restoration procedure. This procedure is especially for those who want their hair back. If you want to fill your bald area with real hair then you should go for front hairline transplant in Lahore Pakistan at our clinic.

The importance of Front hairline Transplant & Design :

As you know that hair transplantation is very effective and useful procedure. In this  procedure front line designing plays a very important role. If the hairline is perfectly designed by the surgeon then the hair transplantation procedure shows natural and undetectable results. If you want to have a natural hair look then it is important to create a perfect and real designing . The design of line is drawn according to the forehead shape of a customer. So, if the surgeon is expert and creative then he/she understands your hair pattern and forehead shape and also successfully create a perfect design. Therefore, it is very mandatory to select a best and creative surgeon for hair restoration procedure so that you may have a natural frontal look after the  procedure.

The height and design can be determined in different ways:

There are different ways to design a pattern for the hairline according to the height and width of the patient’s forehead. Mostly surgeon examines the height of the front line by taking the measurement of their four fingers. If you have broad forehead then line should start by putting the four fingers and if you have thin forehead then, the measurement should be taken by putting 2 fingers. Therefore, if the surgeon is experienced in creating a perfect receding frontal line then you can get the natural hairline according to your face and forehead. The little bit imbalance in the designing  can lead you to make it look artificial or unreal.

Important points to take into consideration while creating a hairline:

There are some important points that a surgeon should take into consideration while creating a line. They are as follow to enhance your knowledge.

  • The shape of the hairline:

The surgeon should examine the correct shape for the hairline before starting the procedure so that you can save from the disasters.

  • The location of line :

While performing procedure for front hairline transplant Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry always mark the location of the line and set properly in the patient’s forehead according to their face. If the location is perfect then you will get a completely natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which clinic is performing dense or thick front hairline transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

Cosmoderma clinic is performing dense and thick front hairline through hair restoration surgery and results are Natural and undetectable.

What is the cost range of front hairline transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

The cost range for the dense and thick frontal hairline is 90,000 to 125,000 Pak Rupee. The results are natural and nobody can recognize transplanted or natural hairline.

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