Scar Correction

How to get rid of hair transplant scar

Hair transplant scar correction or repair is an art as well as skill. Many patients visit Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for donor area scar repair or correction performed by other hair restoration clinics through strip or FUT technique.There are various ways to treat the scars that are left after the hair transplant. The holes from where hairs were extracted during the transplant process look like bullet holes or gun shots in the back of someone’s scalp. There are various ways to treat them like , they can be treated by the procedure of “Scar reduction” in which the bullets holes are sliced of (cut them out) or cut the scar tissues and later they are sewed together. Moreover if there are multiple scars caused from the strip surgery procedure, simply goes back and scar revision is performed, in which basically several scars are cut out, resulting in reduction of number of scars and a very thin line of scars is left behind. Another way is when once linear scars are made as small as they could be made then FUE process is performed in which follicles are removed one by one and later are put into the scar in order to break the scar line or in simple words to hide the scar line. This is a very feasible way of treating the scars. Covering the scars with grafting is another feasible and a good option.

Hair transplant scar correction-repair before and after



Hair transplant scar treatment options

These were few of the surgical methods to treat the scars, moreover linear tattooing can be done in the area where scars are left but this is just a temporary process , the tattoos will fade eventually. Some people suggest laser treatment to remove the scars. But laser is not a very effective way to treat these scars. Laser won’t eliminate the scars totally but it would lighten them. These will be a different color from the scalp due to which these will be noticed at times. Fractional or smooth beam laser softens the scars present on the scalp in the donor area especially when the head is shaved it helps to even out all sort of textural irregularities.

Hair transplant scar revision or removal

Hair transplant scar correction or repair is easily performed if the patient has enough elasticity in his or her scalp, the desired area from where plugs were removed can be easily treated by excising these scars in a similar way in which a donor strip is removed during the hair restoration process. Later on the area is sewed up and closed. The hair in the excised tissue is then easily dissected out under direct vision. Further this process can be done in another way. In which the excised strip which was harvested can be dissected into individual follicular units and are placed back into the scars on the scalp of the patient. When this redistribution is done, if still there is a need for additional follicles to cover the scars, these are then obtained through the process of direct follicle unit extraction technique from the donor area, rather than making another linear excision. Hair transplant scar correction needs careful examination and planning and sometimes Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry takes donor follicles from beard or chest area. Those who want to get an opinion may send their close up photos of scar through Whats app +92-333-430-9999