Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant to Head in Pakistan 

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performing body hair transplant in Pakistan successfully for the last many years. He has performed more than 100 cases of BHT (Body hair transplant) on different patients. The results are satisfactory and according to expectation of patients.  Normally donor area of scalp is used for hair restoration procedure. All patients do not have adequate donor area in the back and sides of scalp and then we have to opt for BHT procedure.  Hairs from chest, legs, arms ,beard and back are almost similar in structure and can be used to head transplantation. However before undergoing body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan , Dr.Ahmad will examine hair texture, structure and density of chest, abdomen, back, beard and legs hairs. As case selection is very important for satisfactory results. Our body has large donor area and these grafts can be used to achieve maximum area coverage in the scalp.

How Body hairs can be removed?

Hairs from our body can be removed by Fue hair restoration technique as we have to extract each follicle individually, leaving no linear scar. These grafts can be extracted in one day or 2 to 3 days depending upon number of grafts availability and requirements. It is routine for Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry to extract 1000 grafts per day from body and then implant these on the head. As body hair orientation and angle is different so these need more time and skill.

Suitable Patients for Body hair transplant

All patients are not suitable candidate for body hair transplant and there are some limitation and criteria to undergo for this procedure.

  • Some patients already had strip or FUT procedure and do not have good result and no more donor area available in the scalp. But such patients have enough number of hair on the body can be good candidate for BHT.
  • There are some patients who do not have enough donor area Naturally and such patients can be considered for Body hair transplant in Pakistan.
  • Density of body hairs should be adequate or 40 FU/ square centimeter.
  • There should be structural similarity between head and body hairs.
  • There should be adequate number of follicles which contain 2,3 hairs.

Body hair transplant in Pakistan – Cost and technique

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an expert and experienced surgeon qualified from Paris France and has sixteen years experience. He has performed sufficient number of cases and references of previously treated patients, if someone want to meet and talk with them. He is an authority in Body hair transplant in Pakistan. BHT-Body hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan is 1.50$ or 200 Rupee per graft or root. Normally one day procedure consists of 1000-1200 grafts from body. 

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