Do hair transplant hurt

Do hair transplants hurt? is the first question that comes to mind whenever someone thinks about this procedure. There is no need to worry as one new technique called FUE follicular unit extraction is in the market for those who have fear of stitches , pain and incision. Now due to advancement in this technology one can get this treatment without discomfort and pain. 

How much pain and bleeding during hair transplant surgery?

It is an effective treatment for baldness. Many people got their treatments and have different experiences with surgeons , clinics and hospitals. The most important aspect when someone consider for this procedure, do hair transplant hurt? If this procedure is performed by experienced and qualified doctor, the procedure will be normal and minor discomfort at the time of local anesthesia. However when you become victim of this surgery and some inexperienced and newly established doctor performed procedure, your experience will be horrible and lot of pain and discomfort during and after this surgical treatment.

Do hair transplant hurt

There are two types of procedure ; one which involve incision and use of scalpel. It is an old method of hair restoration and many people suffered lot of pain and agony due to lack of experience and skill of doctor. Second procedure called Fue method. This is latest and new method of baldness treatment and there is minimal discomfort and pain.

We should also keep in mind everyone has different threshold for pain. Some people take mild pricks lightly while other feel too much pain of these slight pricks. Pain threshold is another important aspect and we cannot compare two apples.  Fear of needle or injection is another aspect which some patients have in their mind before going to hair restoration surgery.

There are two big fears before undergoing to such kind of procedures:

  1. Pain

  2. Bleeding

The whole procedure has minimal discomfort and pain and very little oozing if performed by an experienced and Paris Board Certified hair transplant surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

There is increase in demand  to get hair transplant in Pakistan and Turkey due to low and affordable cost of the procedure. To get FUE procedure 2000-4000 grafts in single session, Contact Us.

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