Fue hair transplant Recovery


Follicular unit extraction procedure is performed incision, scalpel free procedure. There is no more stitches involved in this hair restoration technique. No more pain and discomfort. As a result quick recovery and rapid healing result. Patient does not need to undergo trauma of surgery and its outdoor based procedure which take 4-6 hours.  The procedure is under local anesthesia and insulin syringe like needle is used to administer local anesthesia. There is slight pinching sensation or discomfort at the time of this anesthesia procedure. These pricks can be easily tolerated and beard.  No more worry or fear for surgery and most of them patients come relaxing mood and during procedure watch some documentary of film.

you need hardly 24-48 hours resting period and you may resume your activities next day. No more worry for swelling or bleeding. The procedure is performed with tiny punches , less than 1 mm diameter and easily extract follicular units from donor area. As these are very tiny puncture or wounds, these can be easily healed in few hours. Donor area need antibiotic cream or ointment application for 2-4 days and after complete healing  no need to apply any more.

There are many reasons to opt for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry for this procedure.

  1. He is most experienced hair restoration surgeon and performing such kind of surgeries for the last 16 years.
  2. He is a French Board of hair restoration certified surgeon which is highest qualification in this field.
  3. He is a visiting Associate professor in Lyon 1 University France due to his skill, qualification and competency
  4. He has proven record of FUE hair transplant Lahore results, patients and reviews from previously treated patients.
  5. Due to his experience very less wastage of follicular units as compare to other clinics.
  6. He is trained and qualified from Paris France and has vast exposure and experience to work with different international surgeons from France.

Conclusion: Follicular unit extraction is easy and least invasive procedure and its recovery is quick. One should visit Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for  Fue hair transplant in Pakistan and get his honest and unbiased opinion.

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