What is the latest technique of hair transplants


FUE hair transplant is getting popularity and we can call it latest technique. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction where hair restoration surgeon extracts individual grafts from back or sides of head and in some cases from body and transplant to scalp recipient area. This is the latest technique of hair transplants as there is no linear scar and no more stitches as previous hair restoration technique involved skin strip removal and stitches. As this latest technique of hair re-growth did not involve any major discomfort or pain so many people prefer this baldness treatment. However many clinics and doctors still prefer FUT (Follicular unit transplant) technique where skin strip is removed and sutures are placed to approximate the wound.  Both techniques are safe if performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon.

What is the latest technique of hair transplants

FUE is the latest technique of hair transplants and there are further variations or varieties in Follicular unit extraction procedure. Some doctors used micro punch size 0.6 mm to 0.7 mm. Such doctors who used micro punches are really experienced, well qualified and give best results as they know how to respect tissue and minimized trauma in the donor area. However majority doctors, clinics and surgeons use macro punch size of 1.00 mm or 0.9 mm and it is bigger size punch, will give more trauma and a lot of white hypo pigmented scars in the donor area. Doctors or clinics that use bigger size of punches are not expert or experienced in FUE procedure. Micro FUE technique is more time consuming, more skill and experience required, less trauma and less damage to surrounding follicles in the donor area so we can called micro FUE is the latest technique of hair transplants. As micro Fue hair extraction technique requires more skill so many doctors do not prefer micro follicular unit extraction technique. 

Macro Fue technique

Micro follicular unit extraction technique can takes grafts from beard, chest, abdomen and back of body while we cannot take grafts from body in FUT or strip hair restoration procedure. There are other varieties or variations in F.U.E. as well like:-

Bio FUE Hair transplant

B.E.S.T (Bio enhanced Simultaneous Transplant)

Robotic FUE hair restoration

Neograft FUE technique

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