Superior Quality Fue Hair transplant clinic in Pakistan

Follicular Unit Extraction or Fue hair transplant in Pakistan  is a most preferred method for  hair loss and baldness treatment in Pakistan like rest of the world.  It is minimally invasive in nature and individual follicle is removed or extracted from donor area and implanted on the recipient area.  Follicles or hair grafts are removed from donor area with automated extraction machine or tool and placed in the bald or thinning of hair area. There is no need for stitches and no scar left after Fue procedure.

Pakistan is well known for its excellent medical services and that is why patients from all over the world come here for treatment. Hair restoration is most commonly performed procedure in Pakistan and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 15 years in this field. Pakistan has a heavy influx of patients. The medical services here are excellent yet they are cheap. This is because there are no heavy insurance policies and the taxes are also low. Moreover, human services in Pakistan are quite affordable due to which medical facilities here are cheap as well as good. The reason that the surgeons and doctors of Pakistan are renowned for their skill is that they deal with various cases on a daily basis. All the patients hailing from different parts of the world have different anatomical characteristics which requires care and that is why the surgeon gains a lot of experience by working on them. This experience and skill makes them even more popular and hence a larger number of patients travel in. The cosmetic treatments in Pakistan are done using the latest techniques yet they are many times cheaper. Hair regrowth is one of the most sought after treatments in the cosmetic medicine sector. The surgeons in Pakistan are not only skilled but cheap and therefore a favorite for all the potential patients. Hair restoration surgery is done in two basic ways; the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The former is much cheaper due to its uncomplicated technique and less time consumption. However the FUE method is quite expensive since it requires a higher degree of care and skill on the surgeon’s part. The average cost of the strip harvest method is between Rs45,000 and Rs100,000. This is the average cost for a normal amount of baldness. The cost increases with the amount of area that needs to be worked upon. The FUE hair transplant surgery cost in Pakistan between Rs 150,000 and Rs 350,000 . This cost is many times cheaper than the same in western developed countries while the results are comparable or even might be better! The hair surgery does not require a long recovery period hence it is quite possible for a patient to travel to Pakistan for a few days and then travel back after the surgery is completed. It is extremely rare that a person needs follow up and in such a case; the patient might need to stay for as long as two weeks. The potential candidate can appoint a surgeon while being in his own country and this is one of the biggest advantages of Internet! The patient can search for a number of surgeons and find out about their reputation. A hair surgeon in Pakistan can be consulted initially by sending him a picture of the scalp and receive an estimate of the number of grafts, cost and the time needed. Once all the details have been finalized, it is easy to arrange for travel. The patient can find cheap accommodation and travel packages to Pakistan. All the facilities in Pakistan make it easy for a person to consider travelling because the surgery and the travel expenses combined are still less than the cost of surgery alone in the west. If yu are looking for a good surgeon in Pakistan; you are at the right place. You can view before and after pictures of the surgeon’s wor and also read the past patients’ testimonies to judge the quality of work that is being provided. The patients who come to Pakistan are always satisfied and happy with the surgery results and have often recommended this procedure to several other people as well.

Cheapest hair transplant in Pakistan is possible as the medical services and facilities here are extremely reasonably priced. The patient can very easily contact a surgeon and after discussing details can fix a date for surgery and then make travel plans accordingly.