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During 2014, a number of bizarre yet extremely effective cosmetic treatments became immensely popular. One of these treatments was the PRP hair loss therapy in Pakistan and rest of the world. We will explain everything a person needs to know about this extremely effective hair loss treatment.

2014 was the year of invention and innovation. During the year 2014, a substantial number of innovations occurred in the world of cosmetics in the form of the creation of a few bizarre yet extremely effective and revolutionary cosmetic procedures. One of the many bizarre yet revolutionary and pretty effective cosmetic procedures that were created in 2014 is the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss therapy. The Platelet Rich Plasma hair loss treatment became extremely popular during the last year and currently one of the most significant demanding procedure.

The Platelet Rich Plasma hair loss treatment has been derived from the Platelet Rich Plasma face-lift, also known as the Vampire face-lift, which became wildly popular after the likes of Kim Kardashian and Bar Rafaeli endorsed it and exclaimed their love for it. As its name suggests, this treatment has been designed for people experiencing hair loss. This therapy has been intended for both people who are experiencing hair loss and people whose hair is thinning (either in specific areas of their scalp or their entire scalp).

Like its parent procedure, the PRP hair loss therapy is based on blood that is obtained directly from the patient. In order to perform this treatment on a person, four syringes of their blood are first extracted from their body and are put into a centrifuge where the plasma is separated from the red blood cells, much like what is done to perform its parent procedure. The result of this step is plasma that is rich in platelets. It has been discovered that platelets from a person can stimulate their dormant hair follicles, wake them up and encourage them to starts growing hairs again.

Once Platelet Rich Plasma from the patient has been acquired, anesthetic injections are administered into the areas of their scalp that are experiencing hair loss or thinning in order to numb them. The scalp of the patient is then stimulated using a derma roller or micro needling pen Next, the PRP is injected into the patient’s scalp, mainly in the areas of concern.

PRP hair loss treatment cost in Pakistan

The average PRP hair loss therapy session takes about an hour . It should be noted that cheap is the one thing that this hair loss treatment is not as one individual session of this treatment can cost around 10,000 to 15000 Rs.

The Platelet Rich Plasma hair loss therapy comes with little to no downtime. However, patients are required to stimulate their scalp using a derma roller every single day for at least a month after undergoing the treatment. Patients usually start growing hair in the concerned areas after six weeks of the surgery.

The PRP hair loss therapy is not an alternative to hair transplantation and is not at all a quick fix for hair loss as it can take as much as three months for a person to start growing hair normally after undergoing the procedure. In addition, it is after the three month mark that it is decided whether or not a patient needs to undergo another session of the treatment. The PRP hair loss treatment is quite effective as a standalone treatment for hair loss. However, for the best possible results, a person should undergo this treatment .Commonly used search terms :- PRP for hair loss side effects does PRP work for hair loss PRP for hair loss cost PRP for hair loss before and after PRP for hair loss reviews treatment reviews PRP hair loss clinic studies.

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