Can we restore hair with PRP Treatment?

I am losing my hairs so quickly day by day even my head start showing baldness. Is there any treatment in medical by which can over come bald area with out any kind of surgery like i was reading about PRP treatment. Is this treatment truly with out surgery and based on medication if yes please advise me and also tell me the total cost of PRP treatment and how effective this treatment is ?


PRP or platelet rich plasma contains growth factor and extracted or separated from your own blood. It is a new procedure is medical field rather being used for the last many years. However PRP is being used for hair loss treatment or regrowth for the last two or three years. It needs 3 to 5 sessions or treatment after every 4 weeks. There will be less hair loss or shedding. It is an effective hair loss solution in Lahore at our clinic. Secondly PRP procedure will increase thickness or diameter of your miniaturized or thin hair and as these hairs would become thick, bald area would visible as dense or covered. Thirdly PRP hair treatment will regrow your new hairs. However this new hair regrowth will take 3 to 5 months. It is not a permanent solution rather would work for few years and then might be you need another touch up session or treatment.  Mostly people visit for consultation and ask our consultant :- How to stop hair fall? Medical hair restoration is another way where Minoxidil lotion , spray or Tab. Finestride like Hairfin, Genesis are prescribed but Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry would recommend PRP hair treatment due to its fast action, and no side effects.  To stop hair fall PRP hair treatment in Lahore at our clinic is best option like rest of the world. To get an appointment for hair fall or receding hairline treatment , call +92-333-430-9999 or Fill appointment form below and our staff will coordinate with you.

Above picture is before PRP hair treatment taken on 31 March 2015 at Lahore clinic. Patient major concern was hair thinning and how to stop hair fall? Dr.Ahmad performed PRP hair treatment on 31st March 2015.

PRP hair treatment result after 4 months. Singles treatment was performed and Nutrigrow serum added for home use. See improvement of hair thickening and coverage on crown area.

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