Stem Cell

 Stem cell therapy for baldness in Pakistan 

Baldness is a social problem and there can be many reasons for it. The researchers every year are working out to find the ways to resolve this problem. Newly in the research, it has been found that the new hair can be grown by using the  body’s immune defense, which is a type of white blood cell, to excite stem cells in the surrounding skin. Macrophages are the cells that are taken from the immune system, mainly used in fighting with the infections and repairing of the wounds but they are also useful in activating the skin’s stem cells for the re-growing of the hair.

Baldness can be resulted as a side effect of any kind of treatment or any medical condition that the person might have gone through making him bald and unhappy. Nowadays the idea of using stem cells for curing baldness is picking up hype as some cosmetic companies are trying to make this as their business. This treatment is not easily available for every bald victim as it is very costly. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has introduced stem cell hair loss therapy in Pakistan to treat baldness.

Stem cell procedure for baldness

There are real chances of activating the stem cells by using  the drugs for stimulating the hair growth. For treating baldness by using the stem cell approach, the doctors transplant the hair stem cells into the bald area of  the scalp, making the stem cell  grow  new hair from the scratches, instead of moving the hair as being done in the usual hair transplant procedures. In the stem cell therapy the patient’s  own stem cells are used to grow  hairs  by transplanting them together as a tissue in  the bald area of the scalp. The stem cell therapy can make a lot of victims who are suffering from baldness very happy and satisfied.

The researchers have found a kind of cell for the development of healthy hair follicles, which makes the growth of the new hair possible, without sacrificing tissues from the other part of the body. The scientists are able to make a kind of stem cell known as an epithelial stem cell, which  has been genetically modified by the adult human skin cells. For the  functioning of the hair follicles, this epithelial stem cell is considered to be one of the building blocks. These cells produce structurally identified hair shafts and are capable of generating the epithelial component of hair follicles. The catch is that epithelial cells are the only part for curing baldness. When people lose hair, they lose both the epithelial cells and dermal papilla cells, without which the hair cannot fully grow in humans. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an active member of international Society of hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) and providing stem cell therapy for hair loss  and baldness in Pakistan. Stem cell therapy is very effective for male and female pattern baldness. To get an appointment for stem cell treatment in Lahore Pakistan, please call or write us.